Slow Cooker Bacon & Chocolate Chili

I utterly loathe beans. Put them in your chili if you like them, but count me out. I would however, venture that this chili could stand to have some hominy or potatoes added. It’s kind of intense. I served it with a flour tortilla and cheese, which cut the spice nicely. The chocolate sounds insane, I know, but just do it. You can’t taste it and it adds depth to the chili sauce.



1/2 lb bacon, cut up small

1/2 lb red onions, chopped fine

2lb pork tenderloin, cubed

2 teaspoons chili powder

1/2 Tablespoon garlic, minced

1/2 Tablespoon cayenne pepper

1/2 Tablespoon cumin

1/2 Tablespoon oregano

1/2 Tablespoon salt

1/2 Tablespoon pepper

6 ounces chopped green chile

18 ounces Corona

14 ounces diced tomatoes (and juice)

1/2 teaspoon coriander

3 ounces tomato paste

1/2 ounce unsweetened chocolate, chopped


1. Cook small pieces of bacon with chopped onion and garlic until browned and slightly crispy.

2. Dump it, bacon fat and all, into your slow cooker. Add cubed tenderloin pieces to the pan with bacon fat reside. Pour green chile in with pork. Cook until meat browns and add to slow cooker.

3. Add in remaining ingredients and stir well to combine. Cook on high for 2 hours, then reduce to low for an additional 2 hours, stirring occasionally.

Slow Cooker Bacon & Chocolate Chili

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